Journal of International Geoscience

Editorial Board

Dr. Laia Aligret

Country: Spain

Email: laia@unizar.es

Expertise: Micropalaeontology

Critical events for ecosystems

Dr. Kristine Asch

Country: Germany

Email: Kristine.asch@bgr.de

Expertise: Mapping

Database management

Prof. Elizabeth J. Catlos

Country: USA

Email: ejcatlos@gmail.com

Expertise: Lithosphere dynamics of major fold belts


Dr. Chee-Ming Chan

Country: Malaysia

Email: Cheeming76@live.com

Expertise: Engineering geology

Dr. Giuseppe Di Capua

Country: Italy

Email: giuseppe.dicapua@ingv.it

Expertise: Geoethics

Seismic hazards

Risk assessment

Emergency management

Prof. Andrea Festa

Country: Italy

Email: Andrea.festa@unito.it

Expertise: Tectono-stratigraphy

Structural geology

Prof. Stanley Finney

Country: USA

Email: Stan.finney@csulb.edu

Expertise: Stratigraphy

Prof. Vladimir Gavrilenko

Country: Russia

Email: gavr47@mail.ru

Expertise: Environmental geology

Dr. Tamara F. Kamanga

Country: Malawi

Email: tamarakamanga@gmail.com

Expertise: Minerals

Mineral genesis

Mineral resources

Dr. Osamu Kazaoka

Country: Japan

Email: osamu.kazaoka@gmail.com

Expertise: Seismicity

Seismic hazards

Dr. Sabina Kramar

Country: Slovenia

Email: Sabina.kramar@zag.si

Expertise: Building stone

Stone built heritage

Prof. Jesús Martínez-Frías

Country: Spain

Email: j.m.frias@igeo.ucm-csic.es

Expertise: Planetary geology

Meteorite impacts


Geoscience education

Prof. Victor Mocanu

Country: Romania

Email: Vi_mo@yahoo.com

Expertise: Tectonics

Prof. Dolores Pereira

Country: Spain

Email: mdp@usal.es

Expertise: Geoscience for society

Future of geology

Dr. Mihail E. Popescu

Country: USA

Email: Mihail.e.popescu@gmail.com

Expertise: Engineering geology of slope stability

Expansive and compressible soils

Geotechnical computer modelling

Hazard assessment

Dr. Elizabeth I. Rovere

Country: Argentina

Email: draelizabethrovere@gmail.com

Expertise: Volcanology

Volcanic hazards

Disaster preparedness

Dr. Reimar Seltmann

Country: UK

Email: r.seltmann@nhm.ac.uk

Expertise: Petrology

Mineral deposits

Prof. Ashok K. Singhvi

Country: India

Email: singhvi@prl.res.in

Expertise: Quaternary



Prof. Clara Maria da Silvade Vasconcelos

Country: Portugal

Email: csvascon@fc.up.pt

Expertise: Geoscience education/methods

Prof. Wenjiao Xiao

Country: China

Email: Wj-xiao@mail.iggcas.ac.cn

Expertise: Geodynamics of igneous and metamorphic terrains

Prof. Yigang Xu

Country: China

Email: yigangxu@gig.ac.cn

Expertise: Lithosphere dynamics and geochemistry of major igneous provinces and plumes