Volume 37, Issue 4, December 2014

Table of Contents


Towards more Effective Risk Reduction: Catastrophic Tsunami  | Download
Ian Lambert, Rolan Oberhaensli 227-228
Total views: 860
Strain Buildup in the Northeast Japan Orogen with Implications for Gigantic Subduction Earthquakes  | Download
Yasutaka Ikeda 234-245
Total views: 1113
History of the Paleo-Earthquakes along the Sagami Trough, Central Japan: Review of Coastal Paleo-Seismological Studies in the Kanto Region  | Download
Masanobu Shishikura 246-257
Total views: 1144
The Current Situation of Tsunami Geology under New Policies for Disaster Countermeasures in Japan  | Download
Kazuhisa Goto, Shigehiro Fujino, Daisuke Sugawara, Yuichi Nishimura 258-264
Total views: 1703
Local Paleo-Tsunami Size Evaluation Using Numerical Modeling for Boulder Transport at Ishigaki Island, Japan  | Download
Akifumi Hisamatsu, Kazuhisa Goto, Fumihiko Imamura 265-276
Total views: 1112
Recent Progress of Tsunami Hazard Mitigation in China  | Download
Yefei Ren, Ruizhi Wen, Yuying Song 277-283
Total views: 1209
Geological and Geomorphological Features of Deep-Seated Catastrophic Landslides in Tectonically Active Regions of Asia and Implications for Hazard Mapping  | Download
Masahiro Chigira 284-294
Total views: 1788
Landslides in Urban Residential Slopes Induced by Strong Earthquakes in Japan  | Download
Toshitaka Kamai 295-302
Total views: 841
Experimental Analysis on Rowe's Stress-Dilatancy Relation and Frictional Instability of Fault Gouges  | Download
Momoko Hirata, Jun Muto, Hiroyuki Nagahama 303-307
Total views: 1341
Self-Affinities Analysis of Fault-Related Folding  | Download
Kazuhei Kikuchi, Kazutoshi Abiko, Hiroyuki Nagahama, Jun Muto 308-311
Total views: 884
Crustal and Mantle Structure of the Sea of Okhotsk, Pacific Northwest: A Review  | Download
A. G. Rodnikov, N. A. Sergeyeva, L. P. Zabarinskaya 312-316
Total views: 986
Geoethical Elements in Risk Communication  | Download
Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jesus Martinez-Frias, Niichi Nishiwaki 317-320
Total views: 950
Global Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption Risk Management Activities, Volcanic Hazard Assessment Support System and Asia-Pacific Region Hazard Mapping Project in G-EVER  | Download
Shinji Takarada, Joel C. Bandibas, Yuzo Ishikawa, Yasuto Kuwahara, Naoji Koizumi, Toshihiro Uchida, Akira Takada, Norio Shigematsu, Ryuta Furukawa, Tadashi Maruyama, Ryosuke Ando, Junko Hara 321-328
Total views: 1093
Report of the 2nd G-EVER International Symposium and the 1st IUGS and SCJ International Workshop on Natural Hazards and the "Sendai Agreement"  | Download
Eikichi Tsukuda, Shinji Takarada, Yasuto Kuwahara, Yuzo Ishikawa, Naoji Koizumi, Toshihiro Uchida, Akira Takada, Norio Shigematsu, Ryuta Furukawa, Tadashi Maruyama, Ryosuke Ando, Junko Hara, Joel Bandibas 329-331
Total views: 730


Geohazards in Subduction Zone Environments and their Implications for Science and Society  | Download
Yujiro Ogawa, Yildiri Dilek, Shinji Takarada 229-233
Total views: 653

Conference Report

Pursuing the Evolution of the Asian Tethyan Realm - Third International Symposium of IGCP-589  | Download
Xiaochi Jin, Mohammad Ghassemi 332-332
Total views: 619


David R. Oldroyd (1936-2014)  | Download
Total views: 719