Volume 37, Issue 1, March 2014

Table of Contents


The Global Boundary Stratotype and Section Point (GSSP) for the Base of the Santonian Stage, "Cantera de Margas", Olazagutia, Northern Spain  | Download
M. A. Lamolda, C. R. C. Paul, D. Peryt, J. M. Pons 2-13
Total views: 653
Evidence for and Thermodynamics of Coal Mine Methane Formation in Catastrophic Events by the Hydrolytic Disproportionation of Carbon  | Download
Vladimir E. Vigdergauz 14-20
Total views: 418
Contemporary Geomorphic Processes in the Polish Carpathians Under Changing Human Impact  | Download
Adam Lajczak, Wlodzimierz Margielewski, Zofia Raczkowska, Jolanta Swiechowicz 21-32
Total views: 481
Environmental Problems Associated with Manmade Strata and their Potential Management  | Download
Hisashi Nirei, Adriana Mezzano, Jonas Satkunas, Kunio Furuno, Brian Marker, Muneki Mitamura 33-40
Total views: 468
The Auxiliary Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (ASSP) of the Jiangshanian Stage (Cambrian: Furongian Series) in the Kyrshabakty Section, Kazakhstan  | Download
Gappar Kh. Ergaliev, Vyacheslav (slava) G. Zhemchuzhnikov, Leonid E. Popov, Michael G. Bassett, Farkhat G. Ergaliev 41-47
Total views: 529
Design and Construction of Knowledge Ontology for Thematic Cartography Domain  | Download
Tomas Penaz, Radek Dostal, Isik Yilmaz, Marian Marschalko 48-58
Total views: 623

Classic Paper

Edward Irving's Palaeomagnetic Evidence for Continental Drift (1956)  | Download
Henry R. Frankel 59-70
Total views: 533

Conference Reports

Corumba Meeting 2013: The Neoproterozoic Paraguay Fold Belt (Brazil): Glaciation, Iron-Manganese Formation and Biota, An IGCP Workshop and Field Excursion on the Ediacaran System  | Download
Alan J. Kaufman, Patricia Vickers-Rich, Detlef Walde, Claudio Gaucher, Paulo Boggiani 71-73
Total views: 433
International Field Workshop on the Marwar Supergroup, Rajasthan, India  | Download
Shuhai Xiao, Mukund Sharma 74-75
Total views: 417