Volume 37, Issue 3, September 2014

Table of Contents


Paleovalley-Related Uranium: Exploration Criteria and Case-Studies from Australia and China  | Download
Baohong Hou, Bernd H. Michaelsen, Ziying Li, John L. Keeling, Adrian J. Fabris 150-171
Total views: 533
Long-Term Monitoring and GIS Based Determination of Groundwater Drought Propagation, the Lower Silesia Region, SW Poland  | Download
Jacek Gurwin 172-181
Total views: 453
Analysis of Historical Meteorological Drought and Flood Hazards in the Area of Shanghai City, China, in the Context of Climatic Change  | Download
Zhenghong Chen, Guifang Yang 182-189
Total views: 558
The "Geoethical Promise": A Proposal  | Download
Ruggero Matteucci, Guido Gosso, Silvia Peppoloni, Sandra Piacente, Janusz Wasowski 190-191
Total views: 425
A Reappraisal of the Eruptive History and Recent (1991-2009) Volcanic Eruptions of the Barren Island, Andaman Sea  | Download
P. C. Bandopadhyay, Biswajit Ghosh, Mara Limonta 192-205
Total views: 429
Microseismicity of the Tehran Region Based on the Data Recorded in a Local Monitoring Network: 2004-2010  | Download
Jamileh Vasheghani Farahani, Mehdi Zare, Artur Cichowicz 206-217
Total views: 455

Conference Reports

International Symposium and Field Workshop on Ediacaran and Cryogenian Stratigraphy  | Download
Shuhai Xiao, Chuanming Zhou, Maoyan Zhu 218-221
Total views: 578
Joint ClosingWorkshop of the IGCP/UNESCO/SIDA Projects 594 and 606  | Download
T. C. Davies, B. Koibek, V. Ngure, T. T. Poswa, G. D. Arthur, V. Ettler 222-223
Total views: 461