Volume 36, Issue 1, March 2013

Table of Contents


Scientific Advice Underpinning Decisions on Major Challenges  | Download
Ian Lambert, Phil McFadden 2-7
Total views: 419
Establishment of the "Heritage Stone Task Group" (HSTG)  | Download
B. J. Cooper, B. R. Marker, D. Pereira, B. Schouenborg 8-10
Total views: 432
Geoethical Education: A Critical Issue for Geoconservation  | Download
Elena Druguet, Cees W. Passchier, Giorgio Pennacchioni, Jordi Carreras 11-18
Total views: 437
Geoscience Education Across the Globe - Results of the IUGS-COGE/IGEO Survey  | Download
Chris King 19-30
Total views: 474
Phanerozoic Continental Crust Evolution of the Inner Caucasian Microplate: The Dzirula Massif  | Download
Avtandil V. Okrostsvaridze, Daniel R. Tormey 31-38
Total views: 410
Long-Term Stability of Large Span Caverns at the 1400-Year Heidong Quarry  | Download
Zhifa Yang, Yanjun Shang, Lihui Li, Luqing Zhang, Zhongjian Zhang, Tianbin Li, Shangshu Xu 39-46
Total views: 499
2883 Ma Commencement of BIF Deposition at the Northern Edge of Congo Craton, Southern Cameroon: New Zircon SHRIMP Data Constraint from Metavolcanics  | Download
N. N. Chombong, C. E. Suh 47-57
Total views: 642
The 28th International Geological Congress, Washington, 1989  | Download
Clifford M. Nelson 58-65
Total views: 534

News Report

Geological Survey of India - The Premier Earth Science Organization of India  | Download
A. Sundermoorthy 66-67
Total views: 393
Geoheritage in Europe and its Conservation  | Download
W. A. P. Wimbledon 68-68
Total views: 483
Commemoration Ceremony, Dr. Wissam Al-Hashimi  | Download
Total views: 466

Conference Reports

IGCP in Africa: Workshop on Skills Development in Preparing Project Applications  | Download
S. Felix Toteu 70-72
Total views: 370

Book Reviews

Non-Marine Cretaceous Biostratigraphy and Biochronology  | Download
Adrian P. Hunt 73-74
Total views: 406
The Life and Work of Professor J.W. Gregory FRS (1864–1932)  | Download
David Oldroyd 75-76
Total views: 380
The Geology and Tectonic Settings of China's Mineral Deposits  | Download
Peter Laznicka 77-78
Total views: 393