Volume 36, Issue 2, June 2013

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Resourcing Future Generations: A Proposed New IUGS Initiative  | Download
Ian Lambert, Ray Durrheim, Marcio Godoy, Mxolisi Kota, Pat Leahy, John Ludden, Edmund Nickless, Roland Oberhaensli, Wang Anjian, Neil Williams 82-86
Total views: 418
High-Pressure - Low-Temperature Evolution in the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Along the Kohistan Arc (Kaghan Valley, NE Pakistan)  | Download
Roland Oberhansli 87-93
Total views: 492
Identification of the Near-Surface Geological Structure and Deposits for Land Use Planning Purposes in the Doubrava Region (Czech Republic)  | Download
Marian Marschalko, Isik Yilmaz, Martin Bednarik, Karel Kubecka 94-104
Total views: 407
Predicting Climate-Induced Changes in Groundwater Resources on the Basis of Hydrogeological Model Research: Case Study of the Carpathian Flysch Belt  | Download
Sebastian Buczynski, Marek Wcislo 105-114
Total views: 405
Computer Programs for the Classification and Nomenclature of Igneous Rocks  | Download
Surendra P. Verma, M. Abdelaly Rivera-Gomez 115-124
Total views: 1004
The 15th International Geological Congress, South Africa (1929): The Resurgence of Wegener's Continental Drift Theory  | Download
Luis Felipe Mazadiego-Martinez, Octavio Puche-Riart 125-137
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News Report

New IGCP Projects Accepted and Starting in 2013  | Download
Total views: 470
Its Time for Africa - The 35th International Geological Congress  | Download
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