Volume 36, Issue 3, September 2013

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The ICS International Chronostratigraphic Chart  | Download
K. M. Cohen, S. C. Finney, P. L. Gibbard, J.-X. Fan 199-204
Total views: 3931
The Global Stratotype Sections and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Jurassic System at Kuhjoch (Karwendel Mountains, Northern Calcareous Alps, Tyrol, Austria)  | Download
A. V. Hillebrandt, L. Krystyn, W. M. Kurschner, N. R. Bonis, M. Ruhl, S. Richoz, M. A. N. Schobben, M. Urlichs, P. R. Bown, K. Kment, C. A. McRoberts, M. Simms, A. Tomasovych 162-198
Total views: 578
A New Geological Map of the Western Junggar, North Xinjiang (NW China): Implications for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction  | Download
Yongfeng Zhu, Bo Chen, Xin Xu, Tian Qiu, Fang An 205-220
Total views: 632
Portland Stone: A nomination for "Global Heritage Stone Resource" from the United Kingdom  | Download
T. Hughes, G. K. Lott, M. J. Poultney, B. J. Cooper 221-226
Total views: 585
Continental Construction in Central Asia (IGCP- 592): Scientific Results and Meetings in 2012  | Download
Inna Safonova, Reimar Seltmann, Min Sun, Alfred Kroner, Evgeny Kislov, Victor Kovach, Alan Collins 227-234
Total views: 402

News Report

The International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO): A Way to Raise Public Awareness of Geoscience, Particularly Amongst Younger People and Enhance the Quality of Geoscience Education Internationally  | Download
Roberto Greco, Sylke Hlawatsch, Nicholls Bronte 235-239
Total views: 471