Volume 36, Issue 4, December 2013

Table of Contents


Devonian deposits of the Baruunhuurai Terrane, Western Mongolia (IGCP 596 Field Workshop)  | Download
Erika Kido, Thomas J. Suttner, Johnny A. Waters, Ariunchimeg Yarinpil, Sersmaa Gonchigdorj, James W. Atwood, Gary D. Webster 242-254
Total views: 627
The Earth Sciences among the Community of Portuguese-Speaking countries and the future of Gondwana  | Download
Maria Helena Henriques, Ana Isabel A. S. S. Andrade, Fernando Carlos Lopes 255-262
Total views: 427
Fuzzy Multiattribute Assessment of Geoscience Popularization in the Global Geoparks of China  | Download
Guifang Yang, Zhenghong Chen, Fadong Wu, Mingzhong Tian, Yali Li 263-269
Total views: 431
Implications of River Chemistry Variations on an Orogenic, Subtropical Island - A Preliminary Study  | Download
Guan-Wei Lin, Hongey Chen, Saulwood Lin, Kai-Li Lien 270-274
Total views: 411
Criteria to Distinguish Between Regional and Contact Zone Monazite - a Case Study from Proterozoic North Delhi Fold Belt (NDFB), India  | Download
Mayuri Pandey, Naresh C. Pant, Santosh Kumar 275-289
Total views: 554

Conference Report

International Field Trip and Workshop "Beishan Orogen in NW China: Accretionary Tectonics, Magmatism, Eclogite and Granulite Complexes"  | Download
Wenjiao Xiao, Zhiyong Zhang, Inna Safonova 295-297
Total views: 557
Report on International Meeting on Precambrian Evolution and Deep Exploration of the Continental Lithosphere  | Download
Dunyi Liu, Alfred Krooner 298-299
Total views: 380
The Jaramillo Subchron and the Early-Middle Pleistocene Transition: An ESF EARTHTIME-EU Scientific Meeting in Spain  | Download
Total views: 405
International Symposium of Karst Water Under Global Change Pressure  | Download
Guanghui Jiang, Fang Guo, Daoxian Yuan 301-303
Total views: 572


Eugen Seibold, President of IUGS, 1980 to 1984  | Download
Roland Oberhansli, Gerold Wefer, Jorn Thiede 290-291
Total views: 391

News Report

7th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)  | Download
R. Shankar 292-294
Total views: 751

Book Reviews

Seventeenth-Century Geological Thought in the Context of Steno's Scientific Texts  | Download
Toshihiro Yamada 304-305
Total views: 380
Memoir 1: Applied Geochemistry: Ground water Quality Evaluation and Control  | Download
Aditya Sarkar, Shashank Shekhar 305-306
Total views: 391