Volume 35, Issue 2, June 2012

Table of Contents


IUGS: The Past Four Years - 2008-2012  | Download
Alberto C. Riccardi 308-309
Total views: 459


A Trace Element Perspective on the Source of Ocean Island Basalts (OIB) and Fate of Subducted Ocean Crust (SOC) and Mantle Lithosphere (SML)  | Download
Yaoling Niu, Marjorie Wilson, Emma R. Humphreys, Michael J. O'Hara 310-327
Total views: 613
Inauguration of the GSSP for the Jurassic System  | Download
Nicol Morton 328-332
Total views: 391
Classification of Man Made Strata for Assessment of Geopollution  | Download
Hisashi Nirei, Kunio Furuno, Kazaoka Osamu, Brian Marker, Jonas Satkunas 333-336
Total views: 417
Mineral Dust: An Overview  | Download
Brian R. Marker 337-341
Total views: 390

News Report

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources - Germany's Geoscientific Centre  | Download
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Conference Report

Fourth Annual IGCP 565 Workshop: Support for Water Management Through Hydrological Models and Data Assimilation  | Download
Hans-Peter Plag, Norman Miller 344-346
Total views: 410
Mining and the Environment in Africa - Inaugural Workshop of IGCP/SIDA 594  | Download
Bohdan Kribek, Benjamin Mapani, Imasiku Nyambe 347-348
Total views: 380
The First International Conference on African and Arabian Geoparks - Aspiring Geoparks in Africa and Arab World  | Download
Ezzoura Errami, Lala Andrianaivo, Nasser Ennih, Marcelle Gauly 349-351
Total views: 384
IGCP Goes Deep - Report on the Inaugural Workshop of IGCP/SIDA/UNESCO Project 606  | Download
T. C. Davies, B. D. O. Odhiambo, B. Mapani, K. Matshusa, B. Yibas 351-353
Total views: 385
Recent Advances in Deep Exploration: Report on the International Symposium on Deep Exploration into the Lithosphere  | Download
Shuwen Dong, Raymond Willemann, Thomas Wiersberg, Qi Zhou, Xuanhua Chen 353-355
Total views: 445


Report of the IUGS Secretary General Regarding the Administration of the IUGS for the Period 2008 (August) to 2012 (August)  | Download
Peter T. Bobrowsky 356-361
Total views: 349
Report on the IUGG-IUGS Ad-Hoc Review of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP)  | Download
Total views: 388
Report on the Ad Hoc Review by the IUGS of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO)  | Download
Total views: 367
IUGS on Conventions and Standards in Earth Sciences: A Matter in Need of Clarification  | Download
Alberto C. Riccardi 365-366
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IGCP Projects 2012  | Download
Total views: 396
New IGCP Projects Accepted and Starting in 2012  | Download
Total views: 451
IUGS Financial Situation and Statement  | Download
Total views: 377
IUGS  | Download
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