Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2015

Table of Contents


Ophiolites: Mantle Sources, Melt Evolution and Emplacement Mechanisms  | Download
Yildirim Dilek 227-229
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Continental Margin Ophiolites of Neotethys: Remnants of Ancient Ocean-Continent Transition Zone (OCTZ) Lithosphere and their Geochemistry, Mantle Sources and Melt Evolution Patterns  | Download
Emilio Saccani, Yildirim Dilek, Michele Marroni, Luca Pandolfi 230-249
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OIB- and P-Type Ophiolites Along the Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone (YZSZ), Southern Tibet: Poly-Phase Melt History and Mantle Sources of the Neotethyan Oceanic Lithosphere  | Download
Gaoxue Yang, Yildirim Dilek 250-265
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Pre-Alpine Extensional Tectonics of a Peridotite-Localized Oceanic Core Complex in the Late Jurassic, High-Pressure Monviso ophiolite (Western Alps)  | Download
Gianni Balestro, Andrea Festa, Yildirim Dilek, Paola Tartarotti 266-282
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The Taitao Ophiolite-Granite Complex, Chile: Emplacement of Ridge-Trench Intersection Oceanic Lithosphere on Land and Origin of Calc-Alkaline I-Type Granites  | Download
Ki-Cheol Shin, Ryo Anma, Takanori Nakano, Yuji Orihashi, Shin-Ichi Ike 283-297
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Structure and Petrology of the Nagaland-Manipur Hill Ophiolite Melange Zone, NE India: A Fossil Tethyan Subduction Channel at the India – Burma Plate Boundary  | Download
Fareeduddin, Yildirim Dilek 298-314
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Variscan Ophiolites in NW Iberia: Tracking Lost Paleozoic Oceans and the Assembly of Pangea  | Download
Ricardo Arenas, Sonia Sanchez Martinez 315-333
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Al- and Cr-Rich Chromitites from the Eastern Havana-Matanzas Ophiolites (western Cuba)  | Download
Angelica Isabel Llanes Castro, Joquin Antonio Proenza, Federica Zaccarini, Giorgio Garuti, Maria Santa Cruz Pacheco Sarlabous 334-343
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Diamond-Bearing Ophiolites and their Geological Occurrence  | Download
Jingsui Yang, Paul T. Robinson, Yildirim Dilek 344-364
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In Memory of Anders Wikstrom (1937-2015)  | Download
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