Journal of International Geoscience


Announcement of Subscription

  • IUGS has decided to publish Episodes online only since 2017 aiming at protection of the environment through decreasing the amount of paper consumption and wastes, expeditious publication of up-to-date researches, and efficient accessibility and portability. Readers can download all of the published papers in the journal website (http://www.episodes.org/) without any payment.
  • Hard copy of the journal is available on demand and readers can purchase the hard copy paying 80.00 (USD) per year (4 issues per year) and 25.00 (USD) per issue. Discount for purchasing agency is not provided. Hard copy is basically printed in gray scale and color figures are printed in color upon request from authors with payment of printing charges. Please contact the managing editor of the journal (episodes.j.me@gmail.com) for subscription of the hard copy and send information about subscribers as follows:
    • 1. Mail title: Subscription of hard copy
    • 2. Name and address of subscriber (organization, institute, university, etc.)
    • 3. Subscriber’s contact information (e-mail and telephone number)
    • 4. Information about purchasing agency (name, address, e-mail, etc.)
    • 5. Shipping place
    • 6. Volume, issue, quantity
  • Standing order for subscription of the journal is not available. Thus subscribers (or purchasing agencies) are supposed to request a renewal invoice every year.